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RCBC Global, Inc.

Phone: 828-696-2111
Geo Location Marker
131 4th Avenue West, Suite 204
Hendersonville, NC
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RCBC Global, Inc. is an innovative waste-to-energy company who aims to create energy from various types of waste. We have been established for 26 years as the pioneers of the waste-to-energy movement. We offer various new and used equipment such as balers, shredders, compactors, magnetic separators, and more. A new boiler technology known as the Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor (RCBC) boiler produces steam and energy from municipal, industrial, and sewer sludge waste and possesses the ability to burn coal safely with no harmful emissions. The byproduct of the RCBC boiler system can be used for fertilizer and land reclamation. Our products are ASME and EPA approved.

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