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Process Equipment

Process equipment is a term that applies to machinery is used for material and chemical processing. In general this can refer to equipment that is used for regulating the flow and treatment of a substance. Since process equipment is a term that can refer to many different applications, this equipment is utilized in a vast number of industries. These industries include: chemical, pharmaceutical, marine, petroleum, food & beverage, and more. The processing method can different based on the application however some industries rely on similar types of process equipment. Typically process equipment can come in different styles such as filters, flow control equipment, heat exchangers, lubrication systems, mixers and various other types of equipment.

Flow control devices such as vacuum pumps, flow meters, solenoid valves, centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, ball valves and butterfly offer different ways to control the flow of gases and liquids. These solutions are designed to not only control where the gas or liquid is flow but at what rate the substance is moving. Some applications require the flow to occur at various intervals so more specialized equipment as metering pumps and flow meters will be used to calculate the speed of the material.

Customization is a very important factor to process equipment. Many facilities have very unique conditions and some application may have special requirements based on the material being processed. Sometimes process equipment will be designed with filtration systems to eliminate unwanted particles in the material being processed. Process equipment is engineered with corrosion-resistant properties to handle materials that could be hazardous. Adequate maintenance is very critical for process equipment as the equipment could shut down the whole manufacturing process if the equipment is not functioning properly.


Industrial Dryers - The GRIEVE CORPORATIONIndustrial dryers are often integrated into the final processing stages of a variety of bulk materials for the final removal of contaminating moisture.

Products such as dry cereal or flour are rotated through an air dryer, rotary dryer or flash dryer to ensure the bulk solid or powdered material has the proper uniform consistency and will not grow bacteria due to moisture. Learn More

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Heating Elements

Heating Elements Manufacturers - Hottwatt, Inc.sHeating elements are the heat generation equipment in all electric heaters.

Electric heating elements can be found in electric heating equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Elements are manufactured in a variety of materials and configurations, but their function remains the same: to convert electrical energy into heat energy, then to transfer that heat energy to or through air, liquid or solids by convection, conduction or radiation. Learn More

Industrial Oven Manufacturers

Portable Belt Conveyor Oven - The Grieve CorporationIndustrial ovens are thermal processing machines that provide various applications with the very important process of heat treating.

During this process, heat speeds up the molecular activity inside an object. Inside solid objects, molecules are arranged in lattices that vibrate from the heat, while in gases, these molecules collide. Learn More

Industrial Mixer Manufacturing

Arde Barinco, Inc. - High Shear Dispersion Grinder PumpIndustrial mixers in a variety of configurations are used to blend multiple bulk or powdered materials together as part of a bulk material processing system.

Mixers used in powder & bulk applications are typically paddle mixers or ribbon blenders; sometimes powdered or dry materials are mixed with wet materials to form products such as bread dough or slurries. Learn More

Pressure Vessels

High Pressure Vessels - B.E. Peterson, Inc.Pressure vessels, often referred to as air pressure tanks are used for the storage and containment of fluids, vapors or gases at pressure levels greater than that of atmospheric pressure.

They are designed to operate at pressures more than 15 psi, and are made of a variety of metals, high-strength plastic or fiberglass. The tanks are usually cylindrical in shape with a horizontal or vertical orientation. Learn More

Pulverizer Manufacturers

Crushers ?Granutech-Saturn SystemsPulverizers de-agglomerate clumps or blocks of bulk solid materials into friable or free-flowing materials with uniform consistency.

This is necessary for pneumatic or screw conveying as well as for uniform processing. Learn More

Vibratory Feeder Manufacturers

Vibrating Feeders - Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.Vibratory feeders are conveying ramps or feeding tubes which assist in transferring bulk and powder solids to and from conveyors, processes and hoppers.

By vibrating the discharge end of a hopper or conveyor, powdered material caked on the sides and within is loosened until it falls freely.

Bulk handling sometimes uses vibratory feeding ramps to convey over short distances, and most bulk bag filling, bag dumping and hoppers are equipped with vibrating feeders. Learn More

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