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IQS Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is IQS Directory?

Created by Industrial Quick Search (IQS®), IQS Directory is a FREE, comprehensive listing of manufacturers and suppliers serving major segments of the OEM industrial manufacturing marketplace across the United States and Canada. Industrial engineers and buyers rely on IQS Directory to specify products within a series of categories and buy products directly from manufacturers.

Additionally, IQS Directory provides detailed information and news on industrial products. Engineers and buyers view this information and comprehensive manufacturer profiles (including full contact details, request for quotations, and customer reviews) to easily and quickly specify products that meet their exact needs.

How do I search on IQS Directory?

IQS Directory offers the ability for engineers and buyers to search within a specific product/service category, within the United States and Canada, and within a specific state or province. For example, visitors can search across an industry category or enter a search keyword or phrase (ex: vacuum pumps), a company name, a geographic location, or a combination of these elements to locate manufacturers that meet their search criteria.

What if I don't know how to define what I'm looking for?

IQS Directory organizes manufacturer profiles and product information within the comprehensive "Search By Industry" and "Site Categories" lists on the home page. Browse these industry categories and product categories or enter a search term within the search bar at the top of any page to find matching manufacturer information.

What are Directory Categories?

IQS Directory has a dedicated team of manufacturing experts that review company and product information and assign directory categories based on the type of products and services a company provides. IQS Directory includes hundreds of product categories across major OEM industries that allow engineers and buyers to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Directory categories range from very broad (material handling equipment) to very specific (automatic guided vehicles).

How are search results displayed?

Once you browse within an industry/product category or enter a specific term to search on, IQS Directory displays Premium manufacturers/suppliers with a preview of their website, sorted by state if applicable. Additionally, related product categories appear at the top of the results page.

Mouse over a company name in the results list to display corresponding company profile information on the right side of the screen. Click View Company Profile to display more detailed information about a company within the results list. Click Request a Quote to complete and submit a request for quotation from a manufacturer in the list.

What is a company profile?

Every manufacturer or supplier listed within IQS Directory has a company profile which can be viewed by clicking View Company Profile within search results. Company profiles contain relevant information based on the search terms you entered to view them including contact details, company website, exact geographic location, a description of the company's products, product videos, customer reviews, and relevant articles and press releases related to the company.

Additionally, company profile pages allow you to directly contact a manufacturer via email, share a company profile on social media, find related manufacturers, and view the company's associated product categories. The information included in a company profile is periodically reviewed by the company and IQS Directory to ensure accuracy. Note that not all companies opt to provide all profile details.

What is the IQS Newsroom?

The IQS Newsroom (available from the IQS Newsroom link at the top of every page) provides current, reliable news on companies listed in IQS Directory. Additionally, visitors can view information on the latest industry initiatives, upcoming industry events, manufacturing associations, and other topics. News topics and articles are syndicated across a network of industry websites, RSS feeds, social media channels, and online publications.

How do I contact a company listed on IQS Directory?

Depending on how a company chooses to participate, IQS Directory includes a variety of options for contacting a business listed in search results. Click View Company Profile to email or visit the website of a company within the results list. Click Request a Quote to complete and submit a request for quotation from a manufacturer in the list.

When you use the communication features on IQS Directory to contact manufacturers, you will be asked to supply the contact information required by these companies to respond to your request. Depending on how you wish the company to respond to your request, you may be asked for your first and last name, company name, email address, and zip code. IQS Directory will only forward the contact information required to respond to your request and will not disclose your e-mail address unless you request to be contacted via email.

How do I get my company listed on IQS Directory?

IQS Directory drives qualified buyers to manufacturers websites--enabling lasting business partnerships and sales leads. With our patented preview ad system and comprehensive company profiles, buyers can preview useful information about a product and pre-qualify purchases before choosing to contact manufacturers directly.

In addition to basic directory listings, IQS Directory offers premium advertising to achieve top rankings on page one search results and ensure maximum customer consideration before a buying decision is made. Enhanced IQS Directory features such as built-in requests for quotations, customer reviews, and multiple website links are available to premium advertisers.

Build your IQS Directory listing today to immediately put your product and company information before the thousands of suppliers and manufacturers who are looking for the products you offer.

How do I provide feedback to IQS Directory?

Customer and visitor feedback is very important to us. We are interested to learn how you use IQS Directory features, how we can improve our directory service, and what additional types of information your company would find useful. Click the Contact link at the top of any page to submit your feedback to IQS Directory.

How do I track my search advertising results?

IQS Directory provides detailed search result reports to advertisers on a monthly basis. Reports are generated through popular tools such as Google Analytics, HitsLink, Raven, and others. IQS Directory traffic is driven through a combination of direct search engine traffic (primarily Google) and our own SEO and pay-per-click advertising, and back linking efforts.

How does IQS Directory generate results for advertisers?

IQS Directory brings advertisers qualified site traffic for a flat annual fee by executing directory listings, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and website optimization strategies. IQS Directory allows advertisers to avoid these complex and demanding tasks and rely on industry experts to generate product leads. Leveraging a huge base of keywords and categories, IQS Directory effectively drives traffic to advertisers' websites while informing engineers and buyers on their product purchasing options.

How do I perform searches for IQS Directory companies?

Within IQS Directory, Google, Bing, or another search engine, enter the keywords associated with the product or company you are searching for. Try to be as specific as possible including factors such as a product specification/size or a company location.

IQS Directory focuses on a broad base of keyword categories to maximize long tail keyword searches--searches containing two or more search terms. Long tail keyword searches are more targeted and can yield better search results. For advertisers, long term keyword searches provide more qualified site visitors and simpler paths through your product content.